The resources here can be used by both healthcare professionals and the public to help people manage their drinking. The other health and wellbeing pages may also be of interest. Please suggest other resources by making a Comment.

The NHS Choices web site has a drinking and alcohol section, including a ‘Track your drinking’ alcoholic units calculator, an ‘Alcohol myth buster’ quiz and several videos.
Change4Life have a free ‘Drinks tracker’ app to help you track your drinks each day and view your drinking levels over a week or a fortnight to spot when you’re increasing your risk.
Alcoholics Anonymous have lots of info on problem drinking, for both the public and healthcare professionals.

For healthcare professionals
There is a NICE Pathway for alcohol use disorders.  There is also a local government public health briefing for alcohol.

The Cochrane Library contains numerous systematic and other reviews on this topic.  Try a simple search for alcohol or problem drinking.

Alcohol Concern (Dec 2010) The impact of alcohol on health.
Alcohol misuse is a major cause of illness, injury and death. The World Health Organisation has identified alcohol as the third largest risk factor to health in developed countries

E-journals (NHS Athens required):

Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 
Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation
Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy

E-books (NHS Athens required)
Essential Handbook of Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems by N Heather (2003)
OSH Addiction Medicine (2011)
Overcoming Problematic Alcohol and Drug Use: A Guide for Beginning the Change Process by Jeremy M Linton (2008)
Treating Alcohol and Drug Problems in Psychotherapy Practice: Doing What Works  by Joan E Zweben (2006)

See books at 616.86 and WM 274.

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