Books on Prescription

Why Books on Prescription?
This is a national scheme across England – more details from the Reading Agency.
If you’d like to find out more, here’s some of the evidence:
Williams, C (2013) Guided Self-Help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression in Primary Care: A Randomised Controlled Trial
There’s a Behind the Headlines  commentary on this article.
Lewis, Glyn (2003) Self-help interventions for mental health problems[140p pdf]
This research was commissioned by the Department of Health’s Policy Research Programme and aimed to:

  1. systematically review and identify materials on self-help interventions for mental health problems
  2. describe and classify existing English language self-help interventions for mental health problems
  3. review the literature that has evaluated self -help interventions for mental health problems in relation to the following outcomes: clinical symptoms; quality of life; costs and acceptability to users.

NICE (2011) Generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia) in adults [56P PDF]
NICE (2009) Depression in adults [64p pdf]

An Audit of bibliotherapy/books on prescription activity in England [129p pdf] for Arts Council England and The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Schneider, Justine (2006) Self-management in mental health: questions for service providers and commissioners. The Psychiatrist, vol 30, pp 121-123.
Editorial by a Professor of Mental Health and Social Care; with list of refs.

SIGN (2010) Guideline 114 Non-pharmaceutical management of depression in adults [44p pdf]
p9 Section 4 – Self help (but does not mention books on prescription or bibliotherapy).  Also available: quick ref guide; patient booklet; audit tools

Overcoming web site – the Overcoming self-help books offer courses of highly effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in book form.
The site has a Books and Downloadable Resources tab which includes a ‘Books on prescription schemes’ section, listing the 30 most commonly prescribed titles (with links to Amazon).

Check the Library catalogue for books available for loan.

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