Use the links here to start looking for high quality, trustworthy information about dementia.  Need help?  See below for details of how Library staff can support your work and research.

NICE have published support for commissioners of dementia care and the Evidence Search dementias clinical topic includes the latest NICE guidance and dementia pathway.
Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group – this international group provides systematic reviews for the Cochrane Library.
Dementia section of the Alzheimer’s Society web site – including information for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
The site also includes a link to the Dementia Catalogue and other resources.

The King’s Fund’s have published Developing Supportive Design for People with Dementia as part of the Enhancing the Healing Environment Programme.


The following books are available from the Trust Library, Education South, Central site:
Barker, Sue Dementia care in nursing (2012) Shelved at WM 221
Brooker, Dawn Person-centred dementia care (2007)
Shelved at WM 220
Goode, Belinda Dementia care: a care worker handbook (2012)
Shelved at WM 220
Loveday , Buz Leadership for person-centred dementia care (2013)
Shelved at WM 220
Sanderson, Helen Personalisation and dementia (2014)
Shelved at WM220

The following books are available at Trafford Library, Education Centre, Trafford site:
Ames, David Dementia (2010, 4th ed) Shelved at 616.83
Bailey, Alex Alzheimer’s and other dementias (2015, 4th ed)
Shelved at 616.831
Downs, Murna Excellence in dementia care: research into practice  (2014, 2nd ed) Shelved at 616.83
Lee, Hilary Creative approaches in dementia care (2011)
Shelved at 616.83
Pace, Victor Dementia: from advanced disease to bereavement (2011) Shelved at 616.83

Keeping Up To Date – e-mail to sign up for the ‘What’s New in Dementia’ e-mail alert; see our ‘Keeping Up To Date‘ page for etocs, Horizon Scanning bulletins and more.

Document Supply – we can supply journal articles quickly and cheaply.

Infoskills – training sessions tailored to help you make the most of evidence based e-resources.

Search Service – we can search on your behalf for evidence based information.

Register for NHS Athens – register free from any NHS PC for a username and password which will give you access to healthcare databases (incl CINAHL and Medline), thousands of e-journals, hundreds of e-books and more.

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