The resources here can be used by both employees and employers to help identify and manage stress. The ‘Mental wellbeing’ and ‘Books on Prescription’ pages may also be of interest. Staff at work can also access the intranet page for ‘Stress’.
Please suggest other resources by making a Comment.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us:

Stress section of the BBC Science site.

Podcasts from the Mental Health Foundation to help you relax and a free ‘How to manage and reduce stress’ booklet.

The HSE Workplace Stress site has information for employers and employees, including a ‘Dealing with my personal issues’ section.

The International Stress Management Association UK is a multi-professional site, providing free material and information such as 7 Positives for a Better Life.

The Stress Management Society has sections for employers and employees; includes a ‘Dealing with stress’ section.

If you mainly work at a desk and feel yourself tensing up, try some stretches.  If you find it hard to say ‘no’, you could find some assertiveness tips useful.  Or try the handy hints for managing stress on the NHS Choices LiveWell site.

The MIND web site can be searched for ‘stress’.

Books in Trafford Library
Davis, Martha The relaxation and stress reduction workbook (2008)
Shelved at BOP 155.9042
Peiffer, Vera Total stress relief (2003)
Shelved at BOP 155.9042
Stranks, Jeremy Stress at work: management and prevention (2005)
Shelved at 158.72
Wilkinson, Greg Understanding stress (2001)
Shelved at BOP 155.9042
Williams, Stephen Managing workplace stress (2002)
Shelved at 158.72

Books in Trust Library, Central site:
Herbert, Claudia Overcoming traumatic stress: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques (1999)
Shelved at BOP HER
Lehrer, Paul M Principles and practice of stress management (2007)
Shelved at WM 172
Lomas, Brian Easy step by step guide to stress and time management (2000)
Shelved at BOP LOM
Stansfield, Stephen Stress and the heart: psychosocial pathways to coronary heart disease (2002)
Shelved at WG300
Weiss, Brian L Eliminating stress, finding inner peace (2003)
Shelved at WM 172

For healthcare providers
Depression is a clinical topic in Evidence Search.  This site can be searched for other mental health topics (NHS Athens may be required for some results – register at

Cochrane systematic reviews –
Preventive staff-support interventions for health workers
Click here for links to the abstract and full text [35p pdf]
Preventing occupational stress in healthcare workers
Click here for links to the abstract and full text [42p pdf]

NICE (2009) Promoting mental wellbeing at work (Guidance for employers on promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions) [41p pdf]
NICE (2005) Public health interventions to promote positive mental health and prevent mental health disorders among adults: Evidence briefing [136p pdf]


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